Chapter 33

  Sage was quite generous, "It's okay."   Mia immediately flattered him, "Mr. Wilson, you are really saviour! Thanks to you today. Otherwise, I don't know how long do I have to bear the coldness here."   Sage replied, "You're welcome." Then he took off his jacket and threw it over, "If it's cold, put it on."   Mia was flattered.   "Thank Mr. Wilson!" She quickly put on her coat, then rubbed her hands shyly, and said expectantly, "Can you...send me to Building 12?"   The 12th building is inside the tower. It takes ten to twenty minutes to walk on her own, but she has already used up a lot of energy.   Anyway, Mr. Wilson also has a car... He is so generous, there shouldn't be any problem driving her for a ride.   "No.", Sage rejected her in one fell swoop.   Mia was stunned.   She didn't know why Sage, who had been warming and caring for her in the last second, became superior and unkind again in the blink of an eye.  

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