Chapter 32

  Sally naturally did not dare to open the door.   She didn't even dare to lower the window, shaking her hands to turn the car key.   The car started slowly. She worried about the person outside, so she only gently stepping on the accelerator.   The woman still followed her, patted her car window with her palms, a little stronger than before.   "Open the door! Open the door!"   The woman's screams filled her ears, so Sally gritted her teeth, trying her best not to listen.   At the entrance of the garage, the security guard did not pull the gate as usual.   As a last resort, Sally could only stop the car again.   She lowered the driver's window halfway, and her eyes were just in line with the security guard in the guard room.   The other party showed an apologetic expression and explained to her, "The lady next to you is not a Heed Garden resident but wants to break in. We tried to dissuade her and reported it to the police.

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