Chapter 31

  Mia and his parents were looking for him at this time.   The caller is Mia.   Josh pressed his lips and answered the phone reluctantly.   Mia asked, "Where are you now? Her tone was bad.   Josh's mood immediately became worse.   He didn't want to fight with her, so he could only say softly, "I'm still working overtime in the company. Is there anything wrong with you?"   "Josh, let go of your mother's stinky shit!", Mia yelled, "I asked your other colleagues and they said you left an hour ago!"   Josh was panicked. He didn't expect Mia to dig a hole for him to jump.   "Can honestly tell me where you are now?", Mia asked sharply, "Are you in that bitch's bed?"   "No.", Josh denied it quickly. "What are you thinking about! I'm just too tired from work, so I just made an appointment with a friend for a drink."   "Then why are you lying to me that you are working overtime?", Mia chased after him.   After carrying

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