Chapter 30

  Her bedroom is even more scary.   The double bed was piled messier than the sofa, and various cosmetics were placed in a disorderly manner on the dressing table, and she did not support it when some bottles were poured.   It took him a whole day to clean up her house so that it could live in.   He finished everything within two days.   Josh had talked to her several times and asked her to clean as much as possible every two days to keep the house tidy.   Mia promised well, but never did.   Just a while ago, a major project of the subsidiary was about to go online. Josh only slept for less than six hours in three days. When he returned home, he saw the house full of garbage, and his anger that had been suppressed for a long time finally erupted.   He and Mia had a big quarrel. Finally, Mia cried until he couldn't breathe and shouted that her stomach hurts. He held her and kissed and coaxed her to the end.   But even so, Mia did n

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