Chapter 2

  Josh picked up Mia on the ground, ignoring the dirt on her body.   Seeing Josh, Mia cried more and more.   "Josh...I feel so painful..."   Josh pecked her face once and again, and softly coaxed, "I'll take you to the hospital right away. Don't be afraid."   The intimacy of the two of them pierced Sally's eyes.   She hurried to catch up with Josh, took his arm, glanced at Mia and asked, "Should you give me an explanation?"   Josh had a guilty conscience for a moment, but quickly lost his patience to deal with Sally because of Mia's groan.   "I'll talk about it after I send Mia to the hospital."   He shook off her hand and strode towards the elevator.   Sally stood in a daze for a long time, and when she pulled away from her anger and sadness, she felt a little pain in the ankle of her right foot.   She looked down and found that her ankle was red, and there were still some oil stains on the surface of the skin. It should have been splashed when the hot soup was splashed down just now.   Sally did not return to the private room.   The accident in the corridor attracted many people to watch, naturally including the group of subordinates of Josh.   They witnessed him holding Mia and leaving, but no one showed a surprised or unexpected expression.   Thinking of the previous affection in front of everyone and Josh, Sally only found herself ridiculous.   Holding back the grief in her heart, she drove home alone.   The room was completely dark.   She turned on the light and everything was exactly the same as when she left.   It's just that the air has become colder.   Without hesitation, she stuffed all her valuables into the suitcase, and then went to the Royal Court Hotel where she worked.   She is the room manager of the Wanghee Hotel and because she often has to shift night shifts, and has her own dedicated lounge in the hotel.   Although there was nothing but a bed there, it was enough to be a transit place before she found a new place.   **   Sally is in charge of the housekeeping department. After all, she has worked in the imperial court for nearly five years and is very familiar with the lobby and the front desk.   "Manager Sally? Didn't you ask for leave today?", the front desk saw her coming in with two large suitcases and asked in surprise.   "Something happened temporarily, so I came back.", Sally responded simply.   Naomi stared at the suitcase behind her, "Then what?"   "Oh, our hotel is about to check into a distinguished guest. In order to provide him with the best service, I will stay in the hotel during this time.", Sally remembered what the general manager had told her during the morning meeting two days ago, and made an idea for such a reason.   Naomi really didn't doubt it.   "I also heard from our manager. It seems to be a high-level person from the group. He asked us to behave a little bit over the past two days. If we get caught in the wrong place, we must immediately pack up and leave." She curled her lips.   Sally gave an "um" and pointed to the direction of the elevator, "I'm going up first."   She didn't take two steps, and she heard several equally steady footsteps behind her.   Sally looked back subconsciously.   She saw two men walk in side by side from the outside.   Sally's attention was all attracted by the taller man.   He has a face that is attractive, with sharp eyebrows, long and narrow black eyes, and thin lips that are slightly pink, reflecting his too fair complexion, but he is not feminine at all.   His left-hand hangs naturally on his side, and his right hand is loosely inserted into his trouser pocket. His long body is like a jade, and there is a bit of scorn in his grace.   As if he had noticed Sally's gaze, he lifted his drooping eyelids and looked at her.   Unlike his harmless appearance, his eyes were exceptionally sharp which made Sally shiver.   "Excuse me...Are you going to check in?", Naomi's sweet voice sounded timely.   The man withdrew his gaze, so Sally quickly turned around.   Another shorter man stepped forward.   "Yes."   "Do you have any reservations?", Naomi asked again.   "Yes." He handed over his ID. "One presidential suite and one ordinary suite."   The words "presidential suit" made Sally stop again.   There is only one presidential suite in the Wanghee Hotel. According to the general manager, it was reserved for the "noble guest"...   Sally threw his luggage to the front desk, turned and walked to the tall and handsome man.   She raised a professional smile and stretched out her hand to him.   "Hello, I am Sally Garcia, the room manager of the Royal Palace Hotel. During your stay, I will be responsible for everything."   The man's gaze stayed on her face for two seconds, and then moved to her hand.   "Hello."   His voice was as beautiful as Sally had expected, and it was as deep and melodious as a cello of the highest quality.   She was addicted to it, and suddenly her hand got cold--   The man had pulled his right hand out of his pocket and held her hand.   His hands and face have the same color number and his five fingers are slender and have distinct bones.   Sally looked at his hands that were a few degrees darker than him, and a sense of inferiority arose spontaneously.   "Sage Wilson." The man's thin lips lightly opened, and he uttered an unfamiliar name.   Sally was stunned for a few seconds before realizing that he was introducing himself.   "Hello, Mr. Wilson!", she called respectfully.   Sage's long, narrow black eyes narrowed and paid attention to the expression on her face.   Soon, the shallow arc of the corner of his mouth disappeared, and a layer of ice covered the bottom of his eyes.   He withdrew his hand and reinserted it in his trouser pocket.

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