Chapter 3

  The other man has already completed the check-in procedures and handed him the room card, "You can go up."   Sage said in a low voice, walked around Sally, took the room card, and walked in the direction of the elevator.   When another man passed by Sally, he stared at her meaningfully a few more times.   Sally was guilty of being seen by him. She raised her hand and touched her face twice. After they all got into the elevator, she whispered to Naomi: "Is there any dirt on my face?"   Naomi shook her head in confusion.   **   The next day, Sally received a call from Josh early in the morning.   "Where have you been?", Josh asked angrily.   Sally didn't answer his question, only said, "Josh, let's get a divorce."   There was half a minute of silence on the other end of the phone.   When Josh spoke again, his tone was much softer than before, "Sally, listen to my explanation..."   "Okay." Sally chuckled, "You explain, I'll listen."   Josh didn't expect her reaction, but was taken aback for a while.   "Mia and I... It was just an accident after drinking. I didn't expect to have a child." He said, "I wanted to break up with her, but she has been pestering me, so I must be held accountable..."   Sally's eyes were not blind and her brain was still working.   Judging from the way he was nervous about Mia yesterday; it didn't look like Mia unilaterally pestered him.   "Okay.", Sally looked at the sky outside the window and her eyes turning cold, "If you take Mia to abort the child today and break up with her completely, we will not divorce."   "This...", Josh stubbornly said, "Mia has been pregnant for almost four months, and now she is undergoing surgery which has done a lot of harm to her body... Besides... My mother has been calling every week since the end of the Chinese New Year urging us to have children. I was afraid that you would be annoyed, so I kept the secret from you. But in fact, I was so stressed that I was about to explode... It happened that Mia was pregnant. After she gives birth to this child, we can both bring it back and raise it. I will explain everything to my mom."   Sally closed her eyes, suppressed the anger and disappointment in her heart, and tried to say calmly, " I told you that I don't want children."   "I know why you don't want children!" Thinking that he had guessed her thoughts, Josh was a little proud, "Isn't it just for fear of having a baby is too painful, so you fear of getting pregnant? Now you don't need to go through all this, you are only responsible to raise a child, okay?"   Sally laughed out of anger. She patiently asked, "Does Mia agree with what you said?"   "She doesn't need to agree!", Josh was rather strong right now.   It's a pity that Sally didn't believe him.   "I am not interested in raising children or helping others to raise children." She simply rejected him, "You should stay with her. I think you two match well."   "Is there no room to change mind?", Josh asked.   "No.", Sally said.   "That's good.", Josh didn't continue to slumped. His tone returned to the original coldness, "Since you are leaving this marriage, then you won't get a penny!"   It turns out that he played such a long play before for this.   Sally is already cold. Her heart seemed to have fallen into a colder ice cellar at this moment.   "Let's go through the legal process, fair and just.", she said.   ...   At the morning meeting, the general manager announced the news of the "guests" moving in, and asked the managers of all departments to urge the people under her hands to "be very careful" during this time.   As the manager of the housekeeping department who had the most direct contact with the "guests", Sally was left behind feeling frustrated.   After the meeting, Sally immediately convened a meeting of the housekeeping department to convey the "spirit" of the general manager. In order not to make mistakes, she deliberately handed over the cleaning of the presidential suite to the two oldest and most attentive aunts in all of them.   **   Josh left the house very early and Sally didn't come back from work until 8 o'clock in the evening.   Sally was fortunate to have passed the first day safely. He didn't expect to come out after taking a shower and found that there were several missed calls on the phone-all from the same unfamiliar number.   She hurriedly called back and was picked up when she was about to hang up automatically.   "Come in room 8888.", the male voice in the earpiece was extremely dumb, as if trying to suppress something.   Sally was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly replied after realizing who it was, "Okay, Mr. Wilson, I will go over."   She quickly changed into her pajamas and hurried upstairs with her wet shawl and long hair.   "8888" is the only presidential suite in the Royal Palace Hotel, which is the room where Sage lives.   Sally stood outside the door, anxiously rang the doorbell.   After a while, Sage personally came to open the door.   He was only wearing a white shirt, one side of the hem was loosely tucked into the edge of silver-gray casual trousers, and the other side was drooping outside.   Not all the buttons on the shirt were buttoned, but three from top to bottom, revealing a white neck, collarbone, and a chest with faintly visible muscles.   He seems to have just taken a shower, and his body exudes the fragrance of shower gel. His hair is not completely dry. It's fluffy and messy and has a decadent sexy.   Sally's eyes were straight.   Before she could react, Sage forcefully pulled her into the room.   The door slammed shut, and Sally's back slammed into the cold and heavy door panel.

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