Chapter 1

  Sally realized that he might cheated on her when she found piles of maternity supplies in Josh's order.   As early as when Josh was chasing her, Sally confessed to him saying she didn’t plan to have children. It was Josh who said “Well, the world is better for two people.” Sally only agreed to stay with him, and finally stepped forward into the married life.   Therefore, Josh certainly didn't buy these things for her.   Sally thought for a while, among all Josh's relatives and friends, probably only one of his female subordinates, Mia, was pregnant recently.   Last time they had a dinner in the department, she forgot to take the key to him and saw Mia sitting next to him stroking his abdomen. The gestures of the two of them were indeed more intimate than other colleagues.   At that time, Sally felt uncomfortable. It can be seen that Mia greeted her often and felt that she was thinking too much. Now...   With a thought, she flipped forward the order.   In addition to maternity products, there are also various high-end brands of beauty and skin care products, and a limited-edition Chanel handbag.   If she remembers correctly, Mia took this handbag that day.   All the clues were strung together, so Sally was numb and her chest was blocked in panic.   At the same time, she could feel it and has what-ifs. Are all of these just a coincidence?   Sally did not rush to confront Josh.   Today is the last Friday of this month. As usual, their department will organize a dinner party again.   She called him and asked for the address, ignored his reluctance and quickly packed up.   **   Because of a cold, Sally's complexion was not so good. In order not to let the wind fall, she deliberately put on a full makeup, put on a slim dress, stepped on her high-heeled shoes and walked out the door.   The place where Josh and the others gathered was a hot pot restaurant with a large number of people in the department. They ordered a private room with two large round tables.   When Sally arrived, they were already seated.   For some reason, Mia sat next to Josh again.   Sally squeezed the strap of her bag, walked over with a small smile, and put her hand on Josh's shoulder to say hello to everyone, "Long time no see~"   Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at Mia and found that the smile on her face disappeared.   Josh's expression was also stiff. He patted the space left on the other side, and said to Sally, "Sit here."   Sally moved the chair to Josh before she sat down. She leaned against him naturally and took his hand.   Josh subconsciously wanted to retract his hand, but Sally held it firmly.   He lowered his head, frowned and complained quietly. "Don't be like this in front of so many people..."   Sally sneered in her heart, but she smiled sweetly on her face.   "What are you afraid of? We two are an upright couple." She glanced at the other people on the table seemingly angered, raised the hands that they shook, and deliberately exposed Josh's wedding ring, and asked, "Do you mind??"   "We don't mind!", everyone said in unison.   Only Mia, with a cold face, grabbed the tablecloth hanging from her legs with both hands.   **   In the middle of the meal, Sally went to the bathroom.   When she came out, she happened to meet Mia applying makeup.   On the sink in front of her, there was the limited-edition handbag of Chanel and the YSL lipstick in her hand, which she also saw the same in Josh's order.   Sally stretched her hand under the faucet, and said in a casual chat, "Mia, is your bag is just a limited edition of Chanel? I wanted to buy it before, but unfortunately I didn't get it."   "Really?", Mia paused with her lipstick hand. Her face showed a smug look and said, "This bag was bought by my husband for a lot of money from an agent."   Husband?   Sally tightened her lips.   She took out a piece of paper and asked, "When did you get married? I haven't heard of you getting married. Why did you even have children so soon?"   Mia's eyes flickered, but after meeting Sally's eyes in the mirror, she suddenly evoked a bright smile.   "I got the certificate last year, but I haven't got it yet, so I didn't deliberately tell my colleagues."   The certificate was obtained last year? Does that mean that she and Josh hooked up last year?   Sally was almost out of breath again, and there was dense pain in her heart. She pretended to look in the mirror and supported the sink with her hand, only to reluctantly stabilize her body.   The two went out of the bathroom one after the other.   As soon as they left, she saw a waiter in the hallway carefully holding the bottom of the pot and walking towards them.   At exactly this moment, Sally caught a glimpse of Mia next to her, whose feet were somehow unstable, so she staggered straight to her side.   Sally and the waiter were less than half a meter away, so she reacted quickly, and she could easily avoid the collision with Mia.   As a result, Mia hit the waiter.   The waiter shook his hand, and all the hot soup in the pot poured out to the two of them together.   "Ah!", Mia screamed in pain. She fell to the ground and her hands tightly covering her belly.   The waiter is no better than her.   Sally hurriedly took out her mobile phone and called an ambulance.   They were making a lot of noise this time. From time to time, people in the private rooms on both sides looked out, and there were more and more onlookers.   "Mia!"   Josh's voice suddenly sounded, and as soon as Sally turned her head, she was violently knocked away by him who was flying over.
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