Chapter 27

  With Sally's current situation, it is naturally impossible for her to chase them.   The strange man held her arm and said, "Anyway, the hospital is so close, you should go for a checkup! If you don't make sure you are okay, I won't feel at ease."   Sally couldn't hold him back, and she was planning to see what the wound was like at the moment, so she followed him to the emergency department.   The doctor on duty in the emergency room was the doctor who fixed the splint to Sally last time. When he saw her, his first sentence was, "Didn't I ask you to go to the orthopedics department for follow-up? Why did you come here?"   Sally smiled bitterly, "I went to the follow-up consultation. I just fell outside the hospital. I don't know if it has cracked."   "Why are you so careless!", the doctor complained and motioned for her to undress.   The strange man who had brought her over consciously went out of the consultation room and forgot to close the

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