Chapter 26

  What's more, she actually couldn't bear it.   Later, she married Josh and bought a house in Haishi.   His parents mentioned that they wanted to live with them, but Josh categorically refused.   His parents blamed this on her, thinking that she was influencing Josh's decision even if they had even greater opinions than her.   In addition, she couldn't get pregnant. His mother wanted to take her to see the famous doctor in the township when she returns home for the New Year this year. She did not agree, so they started thinking about letting Josh divorce her and marry her.   At that time, Josh severely reprimanded them and said to them, "I will not go home again if you mention this matter in the future!"   Sally was still very moved, but she didn't expect that he would be entangled with Mia before then.   "Why are you wicked lady here?! Are you trying to kill my daughter-in-law again?!", an angry shout awakened Sally from the long-lastin

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