Chapter 25

  Because of Sage's serious cleanliness, the chef cooks at Xian's house every day and leaves before the two of them arrive home.   Sage and Xian sat face to face at the table.   Xian picked up the chopsticks and asked Sage while picking up the dishes, "Do you believe that the injury on Sally's shoulder was caused by herself?"   Sage looked down, and his voice was low and cold, "Whether I believe it or not, it doesn't matter."   "Then what's important?", Xian was curious.   Sage clenched his chopsticks tightly, "The truth."   **   It is very simple for Sage to figure out the facts. It's just a phone call away.   "How do you say?", Xian has been waiting next to him with tea.   Sage threw the darkened mobile phone on the coffee table.   "Not her ex-husband."   "Huh?" This answer was a little bit beyond his expectation.   Sage paused, and there was a dangerous breath all over his body.   "It's her ex

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