Chapter 28

  Sally was struggling to ride a tiger for a while, swallowed his saliva and nodded very slightly.   Max's eyes were astonishingly bright in an instant.   "Then can you recommend me and let him be my friend?", he grabbed Sally's hand.   "This...", Sally glanced at Sage's beautiful and cold back, hesitated for a long time and squeezed out, "I have to ask Mr. Wilson for his opinion."   Sage stopped after hearing no footsteps behind him for a long time.   As soon as he turned his head, he saw the hands held by the two people.   Sally felt a beam of cold eyes staying on her face. She looked back, and met Sage's twinkling eyes.   His thin pink lips pressed into a straight line. The corners of his mouth drooped slightly, and there was no expression on his face.   Inexplicably, Sally felt that Sage was not in a happy mood at the moment.   However, Max seemed to be lacking a tendon, ignorant of all this, and grinned at him with a g

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