Chapter 125

At present, the life that he couldn't see or eat was too hard for him, but he didn't have the face to speak to her. The past was still vivid in his mind, and he didn't want to give her another chance to refuse him. But he didn't know when Sally's stone heart could warm up. If he wanted to get it as soon as possible, he had to work harder. ... Three days later, at Sally's strong request, Sage went through the discharge formalities for her. In fact, she didn't have to stay in the hospital all day long if she hadn't fainted because of the pain on her body that night. Sally asked Sage for her bank account and wanted to return him the hospitalization fee and medical fees for the past few days, but she was refused. At that time, when he was about to leave her home, he had already held the doorknob with one hand. With a gentle press, the door opened a thin crack. Hearing this, he turned his head and raised his thick black eyebrows slightly. "It's just a little money." He suddenly rai

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