Chapter 126

No matter how much she liked and satisfied with the Hee Garden, she couldn't live there for a long time. In the end, she still had to buy her own house. Although she never treated "house" as "home", she couldn't rest assured when she lived alone in this city without a house, just like a rootless Fannie. With the intention of buying a house, Sally would search online for some information about the newly opened buildings in the city when she was free. She would record what she liked and go to the sales department one by one to inquire about the situation when she had a rest. Amelie went downstairs to give her a gift brought back from abroad and happened to see the website of a building opened on her computer. "Sister, are you going to buy a house?" Amelie asked in surprise. It was not a shameful thing and there was no need to hide it. Sally admitted frankly, "yes." "Why?" There was a flash of panic in Amelie's eyes. "Are you going to marry Mr. Wilson?" Sally was a little embarra

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