Chapter 124

Otherwise, all this could not be explained by scientific principles. Sage took one more look at her and knew what she was thinking, but she didn't point it out. He put the chairs that Hannah and her husband had sat in the corner and asked Sally, "do you want to take a shower now?" Sally nodded. After lying on the bed for a whole day, although the wounds looked terrible, they were not as painful as yesterday. She got out of the bed effortlessly. When she stood firm on her feet, she saw Sage's hand which was reaching out from the ground. ——It seemed that he just wanted to help her. "Ah..." Sally was a little annoyed. She didn't want to disappoint him, so she put her hand in his palm and shook it. "Thank you." She raised her head sideways, her cherry pink lips curved, and her eyes were shining like the clear autumn water. Sage was stunned. Her heart beat faster and faster. She even felt thirsty. He really wanted to pull her into his arms and press her lips hard until she could

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