Chapter 123

Sally didn't care who Arian's wife went with or where she went. "That psycho... The police said he would be locked up for at least 35 years." "Just locked up for 35 years?" Hannah curled her lips. Obviously, she was not satisfied with the result. "For those who do harm to the society, I think they should be locked up for a lifetime!" "I think so." Sage took her words. A hint of viciousness flashed through her black eyes, and her eyes became much colder. Hannah couldn't help but shiver. Realizing the danger of this topic, she stiffly jumped to another one that couldn't be connected with eight strings. "Is it very expensive to stay in this VIP ward for one day?" Since Sally moved in last night, Sage had left her with nothing to worry about. She had no idea how much she had spent on the treatment. She looked at Sage and asked, "how much is it?" But Sage didn't answer. She just said vaguely, "it's not that expensive. Don't worry." Hannah couldn't help laughing and sighed with admir

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