Chapter 122

Sally told her the name of the movie. Sage found it and handed her the computer. "You can watch for a while. I'll go downstairs to buy lunch." Sally stopped him, "can't I order takeout?" Without looking back, Sage said, "the fee is too expensive." What??? Sally's eyes widened in shock. He, Sage, the president of the Globex Group, didn't think it was expensive to give her a few dollars? Was it true that rich people were stingy? ** Sage went downstairs, bought a pack of cigarettes in a nearby supermarket and lit one. He took a deep breath and pressed the button of rage in his heart. Then he took out the phone that had been vibrating in his pocket for a long time and pressed "answer". "Is it done?" He asked coldly. The other party replied, "yes." "Have you finished two things?" "Yes, sir." Sage lowered her hand and dusted the cigarette. "I'll transfer the money to your account later." He extinguished the spark and threw the rest half pack of cigarettes and lighter into th

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