Chapter 119

"Where is the picture?" He stared at Sally warily, his eyes as red as his face, and when he spoke, he exhaled a strong smell of alcohol. Sally frowned slightly and held her breath in time to prevent herself from showing a worse expression. She stretched out her hand to raise the phone so that he could see it. The man looked very carefully, almost one number after another facing the bank account. "You big liars! How dare you fake my account!" The man's face suddenly changed. He waved the broom and hacked at Sally's shoulder. Sally's right shoulder was smashed by Jake with an ashtray, and by Josh's mother with a bag. This time, she was hit by a broom again—— She was so painful that cold sweat broke out on her face, and even her lips turned pale. "Liar! Stop pretending!" The man hit Sally's shoulder again mercilessly. Sally couldn't help but cry out in pain. She covered her right shoulder and quickly took two steps back. The man chased after Sally and kept hitting her with the bro

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