Chapter 118

"First of all, I didn't kill your brother." She denied this point and made it clear at the same time, "if I remember correctly, you tell the police that your brother committed suicide because he will be paralyzed for a lifetime and doesn't want to implicate his family." Jake wanted to defend himself, "that's because..." but before he finished his words, he seemed to think of something and closed his mouth, shrinking his neck. "Is that because you have accepted one million dollars as hush money from my mother?" Sally took his words, "does your brother know that he is only worth one million in your heart?" Seeing that she made it clear, Jake stopped hiding. "If you didn't do anything wrong, will your mother compensate us one million?" He puffed out his chest again. Sally really wanted to record this scene and show her smart mother how embarrassed her daughter was because of her bad chess. But miss Lola wouldn't care. As long as the Garcia family didn't spread this matter to the St

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