Chapter 117

As soon as Sage entered the office area, the chatter disappeared without a trace. The group of people who had been whispering before all lowered their heads consciously and quickly typed on the keyboard with their hands, pretending to work seriously. Sage clapped her hands two times, which aroused everyone's attention. "Remember, the Miss Stone who just left is my girlfriend." He said, "you can tell anyone you know about it." He said "yes", which meant "yes". The people in the CEO office all knew the meaning of his words. "Do you understand?" Sage asked. Everyone answered in one voice, "I understand!" ** Xian still stayed in Sage's office, "sweeping" the leftovers on the tea table. Hearing the noise at the door, he turned his head. When he saw Sage, he asked in surprise, "didn't you send Sally there? Why did you come back so soon?" "I only sent her to the elevator." Sage frowned and stared at him, "Why are you still here?" After swallowing the last mouthful of food, Xian sa

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