Chapter 116

However, Xian didn't get out of the room. Instead, he kept the lunch that Sage told him to stay and leisurely rubbed against the lunch that Sally brought to Sage "from afar". Sally picked up the food and began to eat. All her attention was on what Sage had said. The phone in her pocket vibrated. She took it out, lowered her head and quickly looked at it. Zero: "yesterday, Mollie told her classmate in the CEO office that the two of them had a long discussion." The last thing she wanted happened. Sally was a little lucky. Maybe Mollie wasn't the source of the gossip, but even if she didn't spread it out, it had something to do with her. Even Zero, Lia, and Sally himself were involved. Xian was still chatting with Sage about the rumors in the company. "Someone said that the 'love Amelie' that the two young streamers madly brought to Amelie on 'pear TV' was your vest. He also said that you were usually cold and aloof. How could you be so disgusting?" Xian said with a hint of banter.

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