Chapter 115

Her action shocked all the three people present. Sage was the first one to react and smiled, "okay." He went to the passenger seat and opened the door for her. He carefully protected her head with his hands until she got in the car. Amelie followed him. Looking at his face, she asked timidly, "Mr. Wilson, can you give me a ride?" Sage asked, "Max won't drive you home?" Amelie felt embarrassed. "I told him not to pester me anymore." She forced a smile and said, "even if he comes, I won't talk to him anymore." Sage didn't say anything. "But we are not on the same way with you." He changed the subject. "What?" While Amelie was in a daze, he left her and got into the car. Seeing the Maserati fading away, Amelie gritted her teeth in anger. Xian's car passed by her and honked her two times. "Miss Stone, do you need me to drive you to the subway station?" He asked. Amelie pretended to be polite and said, "it's... it's too much trouble for you." As soon as she reached out her ha

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