Chapter 114

He didn't ask too much. Sally seemed to be the one who took the advantage. So she didn't understand, "why?" "Can't you see that your sister likes me?" Sage's tone was as flat as she said, "the weather is good today.". But he frowned slightly, and his eyes were full of dissatisfaction with Sally's dullness. Of course, Sally was not as insensitive as he thought. She naturally felt that Amelie paid different attention and attention to him from others. She also guessed that Amelie had a crush on him. She even mistakenly thought that they had a special relationship a few hours ago. However—— "Didn't you say that Max picked her up to and off work every day? They should have reconciled, right?" Amelie's later denial was more like an excuse to hide the truth. As for why she didn't want them to know that she was back with Max, Sally believed that it was because she had said too absolute about the break-up before, fearing that she would lose face in front of Sally. But Sage had a differ

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