Chapter 113

"Cold?" Sage raised her eyebrows, as if she didn't know that her hand was frozen by his ice. "I've told you to wear thick clothes, but you always don't listen to me." His gentle voice made Sally's scalp tingle. Before she could react, he opened his windbreaker and wrapped her in. The cold wind at night was blocked outside. What Sally could feel was only his warm embrace and broad chest with his back against hers. A fresh lemon fragrance penetrated her nose, the same as the air freshening agent in his car. To her surprise, she didn't smell Amelie's perfume. Amelie seemed to be used to spraying a lot of perfume on her body, and the smell could be smelled even a few meters away. When she lived in Sally's house before, Sally's clothes were full of the smell of her perfume. She was asked what kind of perfume she used every day. If it was really Sage who drove Amelie back, he would have been tainted with it since they had stayed in the narrow car for so long. "You two love each other

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