Chapter 112

"Wow, this is Zero!" One of the two boys waved at Zero, but there was only complacency in his eyes. There was no politeness in his eyes. "I'm sorry, Zero. I and the knight pushed you from the list of gifts to the third place today. Won't you blame us?" Both Lia and Mollie showed displeasure, and even Sally frowned. Zero said indifferently, "you deserve it." BestM clenched his teeth and punched hard on the cotton. The Dark Knight next to him also had a long face. The elevator just arrived. Amelie, who had been focusing on playing her cell phone, finally raised her head, but no one looked at her. She impatiently urged, "let's go! Cut the crap!" The two arrogant boys turned into docile sheep in an instant and followed her into the elevator. Even when the elevator door was closed, Sally was still immersed in the shock of the previous scene. She had never seen Amelie so aggressive. In front of her, Amelie was always soft, sweet and spoiled. But for no reason, Sally had an intuition

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