Chapter 120

Mr. Wilson? Among the people Sally knew, Sage was the only one whose surname was Wilson. But she couldn't figure out why Sage sent her here? Before she fainted, she was at Hannah's house. "What time is it now?" Sally asked the nurse. It was already dark outside. She couldn't guess the exact time from the change of the sky. "It's almost 12 o'clock." The nurse looked at her watch and said. "Thank you." Sally nodded. 'it's so late. Sage won't come here again.'. She turned off the light and closed her eyes. The nurse closed the door for her considerately. Sally had been in a coma for about two hours, so she wasn't sleepy now. After a long time, the door of the ward was pushed open. She was shocked and quickly opened her eyes. The man's tall body covered the light in the corridor outside, casting a huge shadow on the ground. As he was facing the light, Sally couldn't see his face clearly, but the familiar face made her call out his name at the first time, "Mr. Wilson?" "What?

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