Chapter 109

The policeman looked at him and then at Sally, not knowing whom to believe. "I am the owner of this house, and the property ownership certificate is true." Sally handed her ID card to the police. The policeman looked at it for a long time and said awkwardly, "to be honest, we can't judge whether your property ownership certificate is true or not just by looking at this." Hearing the police's words, the middle-aged man became more and more confident. "She is lying! We have met the real owner, and he has brought the original copy of the property ownership certificate! We rented the house with the real owner's contract. Don't lie to us!" As soon as he mentioned the original copy of the property ownership certificate, Sally knew what he meant. The original property ownership certificate was in Josh's house. Josh had lost it, and nobody knew where it had been hidden. Later, when she went through the transfer procedure, the owner directly sent her a new certificate, which was not destr

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