Chapter 110

As soon as the police left, the middle-aged man immediately changed his face. He put his hands on his waist and said arrogantly, "I don't care who owns this house. Anyway, I have signed the contract and paid the rent for three months. I won't move out before it expires!" He closed the door, not intending to discuss the solution with Sally. Sally explained the situation to the agency and asked Xian to send a lawyer's letter to Josh's mother. It was said that Jake stopped his study temporarily, took his parents back to his hometown, paid off the foreign debt with the one million that Lola gave him, and hired someone to decorate his new house. He lived a happy life. They didn't lack money, but they were still greedy for the rent of more than 10000. "It's just that the heart is not enough for the snake to swallow the elephant!" Turning the pen around, Xian said with a smile, "in this world, who will dislike money?" Sally pursed her lips and said nothing. "Your sister -" Xian sudden

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