Chapter 108

Her agent had something to do with her last job. However, her agent was not as idle as the "vice director". Sally was afraid that she would not be able to hold on. But looking at her happy face, Sally didn't have the heart to upset her. She just patted her on the shoulder and said with a smile, "come on." Amelie was celebrating with a drink. Sally drank two glasses with her. Then she remembered and asked, "where do you live?" "My friend also lives in Hee Garden, so I'm going to rent it with her. Besides, she also lives in this building. What a coincidence!" Amelie's face lit up. Sally's heart skipped a beat. She smiled and said, "what a coincidence." "I can often come to see you for meals in the future!" Amelie put down the glass and rubbed against Sally's arm. "But..." she squinted at Sally and teased, "will I disturb the two people's world between you and Mr. Wilson?" Sally found that Amelie seemed to like talking about Sage. During her stay here, she often asked, "sister, why

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