Chapter 107

Sally knew that when a girl was extremely angry, what she said didn't count. She didn't take Amelie's words seriously. She just patted her on the back and comforted her, "don't be angry. It's not worthwhile for your health." The security guard came out with two big suitcases in his hands. "This is for this lady." Looking at the current situation, he hesitated and did not dare to go forward. Sally smiled at him and said, "thank you." Then she said to Amelie, "it's too cold outside. Let's go back first." Amelie managed to stop crying. ** Sally asked Amelie to sit on the sofa for a while and went to the kitchen to get her a cup of hot water. "Let's go." It was windy outside. She didn't know how long Amelie had been waiting for her. Her hands were black with cold. Amelie was still sobbing and her body was shaking. "I want to stay in Hamelin." After a while, she said. "What?" Sally had a bad feeling. "Don't you have a job in Beijing? Why do you still stay in Hamelin?" "Beijing'

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