Chapter 106

Sally didn't wake up until the evening in Sage's lounge. He used the sleeping fragrance, and lent her his blindfold and earrings. Sally had never slept so soundly before. It was rare for Sage to get off work on time. He drove Sally to the restaurant he had booked at noon. When they were ordering, Sally received a call from Max. Before she could say anything, he said, "Miss Stone, how can you take Amelie to a dangerous place like a bar? I trust you so much and let you take care of Amelie. Is this how you take care of her for me? You really disappoint me!" His accusations confused Sally. After a while, she stood up, covered the phone receiver and whispered to Sage, "I have to go out to answer a phone call." "Okay." Sage nodded. When they walked out of the restaurant, Sally let go of her hand and asked Max, "when did I take Amelie to the bar?" "Amelie has been with you these two days. If you didn't take her there, who else could it be?" Max's heart was burning and his tone was v

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