Chapter 101

"We can go there during lunch break and have lunch with him!" Amelie seemed to have made up her mind. She wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted. Sally had tried everything she could to persuade Amelie. Now that she didn't want to listen to her, she didn't want to try her best to stop her. "Whatever." After making sure that she was going to look for Sage, Amelie began to think about what she should give him. "Flowers and fruits are too old-fashioned, and Mr. Wilson doesn't like them. Mr. Wilson probably won't accept things that are too expensive. He doesn't like them because they are too cheap..." suddenly, she patted her head, "How about I go to buy some food tomorrow morning and cook for him myself? Such a gift won't put too much pressure on him, and it also contains my heart. How wonderful it is!" Sally was so sleepy that she didn't hear what she was talking about at all. "Whatever." ... It was just past seven o'clock when Amelie pulled Sally up from the bed. They slept

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