Chapter 100

After they got into the elevator, Xian pressed the light of 18, 19 and 20. "Eh?" Amelie turned her head to look at him, her big eyes full of confusion. "Why should I press three layers?" Xian smiled and said mysteriously, "you'll know later." The elevator soon reached the 18 floor. After the door opened, Xian went downstairs. Standing at the door, he waved at Amelie and said, "goodbye, Miss Stone." "What?" Amelie widened her eyes. However, the elevator door closed again before she got an answer from Xian. Amelie looked at Sally again. "Lawyer Xian lives on floor 18." Sally explained, "I live in 19, Mr. Wilson20." "You all live in the same building?" Amelie was surprised. "No!" She looked at Sally and then at Sage. "Aren't you boyfriend and girlfriend? Why don't you live together?" Sally was stumped by this question. However, before she could come up with a reasonable excuse, Sage asked, "Miss Stone lives with her boyfriend?" He raised his eyebrows slightly, as if he had foun

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