Chapter 99

About more than 10 minutes later, the loud police siren came closer and closer, and the flickering red and blue police lamps were particularly conspicuous in the night. Sally was so excited that she almost burst into tears. She opened the door and got off in a hurry. Standing at the front of the car, she waved at the police car and said, "here! I called the police!" When Sally brought the police back to KY Club, a group of people gathered in the hall on the first floor, and people were running down the stairs. The police caught a man and asked, "what happened?" "There is a fight in the bathroom on the second floor! It's very fierce! Many people are injured! Sir, go upstairs and have a look!" The policemen quickened their pace. The music on the second floor had stopped, and everyone was rushing towards the stairs. It took Sally and the others a long time to get to the door of the bathroom. "Why are you so late?" Xian frowned and complained, "we're done." He sat with his legs cr

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