Chapter 102

"What?" The security guard was stunned for a moment. He smiled awkwardly and said, "have a good day!" "Thank you, and wish you a happy life." Sally replied. Amelie watched their interaction and pulled Sally when she turned around and left. "Sister, do you know the security guards here?" Before Sally could say anything, the security guard quickly answered for her, "no, no, No. we all know Miss Stone!" "Why?" Amelie was confused. "Mr. Wilson's order." The security guard smiled with fear. "Mr. Wilson said that if Miss Stone comes and is stopped downstairs by us, all of our departments will have to leave." Sally was stunned. Her heart was surging, but she didn't show it on her face. She didn't remember what Sage had said last time. Maybe the security guard had exaggerated it on purpose. Thinking of this, she calmed down a little. Amelie's face darkened. "I'm Miss Stone's sister. Can you let me go upstairs now?" She asked the security guard. The security guard shook his head witho

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