Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
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Chapter 3 Annoyed Mafia Boss

Chapter 3 Annoyed Mafia Boss At night Andrew is sitting on the royal king chair and smoking the cigarette, musing straight. He has a serious look on his face. Three buttons of his black shirt are opened and giving a clear view of his strong body. He's looking ruggedly handsome. He is pondering about Chloe, "that girl is mysterious. When I pointed the gun at her, I saw no fear in her eyes and the way she fought with my trained men, she can't be an ordinary girl. I have a strong doubt that she's a secret spy. I'll surely make her spill the truth." The next day, Chloe parked her BMW car at the club and stepped out of it. She's looking deadly gorgeous in a tight fitted white knee-length dress with white heels. She walked into the club but the guard stopped her by holding her hand. She knitted her brows in fury and stared at him darkly. She hastily grasped the arm of the guard behind his back. "How dare you touch me? Nobody has the right to touch me." She bawled at him with rage. "I'm just doing my work, I'm instructed by my boss." As Guard said, she left his arm. "You could have just asked me, you shouldn't have to hold my hand." She rebuked him. Andrew is sitting in the back seat of his Mercedes car wearing shades and watching her keenly from the window. His two men are sitting in the front seat. Two more cars are standing with his car for his security. He's wearing a black tuxedo like always and his jet black hair is neatly coiffed. As her eyes fell over him, her eyes shimmered and her lips stretched into a wide smile. "So finally my motive of coming here is accomplished." She wondered, gazing at him. She winked at him sexily and strolled to her car, clicking her high heels. He shook his head and asked his driver to follow her. He's following her with his two more cars. She reached her mansion and as she stepped out of the car, he came in front of her, frowning. A smile flashed on her face. "Are you following me, Mr handsome?" She moved the tip of her finger down his stubble, gazing at him. He jerked her hand and thundered, "shut up, why did you again come to my nightclub when I warned you." "My motive of coming there is fulfilled." Her lips curved to a sexy grin. "What motive?" He asked in a serious tone. "Motive of catching the glimpse you. I didn't expect you to follow me. But I'm glad because now I get a closer view of you. Your presence and your sexy look drive me insane, but I love it." He shook his head in disbelief, annoyed. "Now you will see how I will make you spill out the truth. You're coming with me." He seized her wrist and dragged her to his car. "Why are you forcing me? I'm ready to come with you willingly." As she said, he just glared at her. His man opened the door as he reached for his car with her. His other men are sitting in their respective cars. She's just smiling at him. "Now no word and sit inside the car." He instructed her sternly. He's fuming in anger because she's annoying him with her silly behaviour. "Okay, Boss." She placed a finger on her lips and meekly nodded her head before sitting in the car. They reached his mansion in no time. On the whole way to his mansion, she was gazing at his handsome face and irritating him with her looks. He directly took her to his torture room by grasping her wrist. Her eyes dilated in shock as he switched on the light. The room is dark and filled with torture equipment. Now he's keenly observing her every expression. "Is this a torture room? Did you torture people here?" She asked curiously, looking back at him. There is no fear in her eyes. Her eyes are filled with curiosity. He became shocked when he saw no fear in her eyes. He thought she would get afraid of seeing the torture room but she's different, she's fearless. "Yes, and now I'm going to torture you until you spill out the truth." He said, staring at her darkly. "You will waste your time and I don't have any problem because I'll get more time to admire you." She grinned at him and he rolled his eyes, utterly annoyed. "Now shut your mouth and sit on the chair." He stormed at her, pointing at the chair. "Why are you shouting at me?" As she uttered, he gave her a deadly glare. "I said, no word, Miss Walker." He growled, clutching his hands. Now she rolled her eyes and strode to the chair. She can't deny the fact he looks hotter in anger. He came to her with the ropes and she's just gazing at him. She's sitting on the chair and he is binding her wrist with the armrest. She's just gazing at him, her lips are drawn up to a smile of satisfaction. Andrew is extremely shocked because she is not scaring of him like others. She is flirting with him without any fear. He has never met a girl like her before in his life. This girl is full of surprises. She is different, strong and bold. But he's also extremely annoyed because she has a profound effect on him. He doesn't know why his heartbeat quickens whenever he moves close to her or touch her. After tying her, he stood up and turned to walk after glaring at her. She's just smiling at him. "Oh, Mr handsome, where are you going?" She shouted, but he strode out of the room, completely ignoring her like she's not audible to him. Two men are standing outside of the room with the gun in their hands. He ordered one of his men to make her spill the truth by scaring her, but he clearly instructed him to don't use the torture instrument on her, just use them to scare her. He doesn't know why he asked him to don't torture her. He became baffled. He's utterly unaware that the girl whom he tied in the torture room, is the only girl who is going to melt his heart in the near future.

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