Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
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Chapter 2 First Encounter

Chapter 2 First Encounter "Boss, I think something is wrong with that girl. That bitch beat us like this." One of his men uttered, still lying on the floor. "No, you both are useless bitch, a girl beat you, shame on you both. I never want to see both of your faces again." He chided them before storming out of the room in fury. He called Mike, searching for her in the club. He also ordered his men to search her. "Hello." As Mike answered the call, he ordered him. "Mike, reach here ASAP." "Okay, boss." He disconnected the call and slipped the phone into his pocket. "Boss, the guard informed me that she has left." His man informed him and he stared straight with a serious look. Mike and Andrew are standing in the security room. They are watching the CCTV footage. When Chloe stepped into the club in the footage, he uttered, "Pause it." The security guard instantly paused the video. "I want to know everything about her." He pointed at her in the CCTV footage and ordered Mike. "Okay, Boss, your work will be done." He replied, staring at the girl in the footage. Andrew is also staring at her, lost in deep thoughts. The next day, the file of her information is on his table. He is reading about her keenly, sitting in his study room. Mike is standing in front of him. Her name is Chloe Walker, she is a fashion blogger, a strong and independent women, handling her dad business. No information helped him. He closed the file, disappointment is vividly visible on his face. Mike assumed, "Boss, the girl is not a spy, I think." Andrew moved his dark eyes to him and shook his head. "No, Mike, I have a gut feeling that this girl is hiding something, the way she was staring at me yesterday and how she beat up our men in the club." He said in a serious tone and Mike listened to him attentively. "Now I'll talk to her myself in my way. You mentioned that she visits my club every weekend. So she will come tonight also?" He asked and Mike nodded. Then Andrew told him the plan. "Get ready to meet the Mafia Boss, Miss Chloe Walker." His sensuous lips curved to an evil grin. Andrew reached the club in no time at night he got a call from his man and he told him that Chloe has arrived at the club. Today she's wearing a strapless red jumpsuit with black heels. She's looking graceful and classy in her attire. Her hair is tied up in a high ponytail. She's strolling to the washroom. As she stepped into the washroom, somebody locked it from outside. "What the fuck, who locked me here." She muttered in anger and tried to open the door. "So you're here." As a deep voice reached her ear, she instantly turned around and widened her eyes in amazement after seeing him. She wasn't expecting him. She can't stop herself from again gawping at him and her heartbeat quickened. He is looking so deadly handsome in the black tuxedo. She can't resist his charm. "So tell me, for whom do you work?" He asked in a stern tone, striding toward her. "I work for myself, I'm my boss." She answered him honestly, gazing at him. "Why are you spying on me?" He questioned her, standing few steps away from her. She narrowed her brows, confused. "Why I'll spy you?" She asked him, clueless. "I watched you staring at me last night, so don't you dare lie to me." He warned her after moving dangerously close to her face. Her heart almost skipped beating because of their proximity and she gazed into his mysterious black eyes. "It's your fault." Now he narrowed his brows in confusion. "You're so hot, I was checking you out." She answered him honestly but he didn't believe her. He moved away from her and his lips drew up to a sexy smirk and she's dead. "So you won't answer to me so easily." He took out the gun from the pocket and pointed at her. "Tell me the truth or die." Her eyes dilated in shock as she saw the gun but answered him with full confidence. "You're looking even hotter with the gun in your hand. I'm not lying, I was just checking you out last night." He is annoyed because she is not getting scared of him. He gritted his teeth and asked, "If you aren't lying then how did you beat my trained men like this?" "Because I'm trained better than them for the self-defence." He rolled his eyes after listening to her answer. "You're wasting my time. If you're not spying on me, then you shouldn't be visible near my club." He warned her and put the gun back into his pocket. "What? Why can't I come to this club? You're hot but you're nobody to stop me from coming here." She freaked out. "I'm the owner of this club and a man whom people afraid of." He growled at her after moving close to her face. "But I'm not afraid of you." She sassed directly, looking into his eyes. He rolled his eyes, annoyed. "Tell me, your real motive." He again asked because still he isn't convinced that she's not spying on him. "Okay, I'm telling my real motive." As she uttered, his eyes glinted with triumph. "Now you're coming to the point. I knew there is some real motive behind beating my man and staring at me last night." She moved closer to his ear and whispered, "my real motive is to seduce you because you're awakening my inner desires with your dangerous and mysterious personality." A shiver rushed down his spine as her warm breath caressed his ear. She moved away from him, smiling. He gave her a deadly glare before turning and calling his man. "Open the door." He disconnected the call after saying this. She is again admiring him with her eyes filled with desires. She is utterly hypnotised by his hotness and mysterious personality. Today he pointed the gun at her, but still, she's scared of him because she's scared of nothing. She's a fearless woman. Life made her strong and fearless. The door opened and Andrew turned around. "You shouldn't be seen here again." He warned her in a serious tone before marching out of the room. "I'm not scared, I'll come here again and again to see you, hottie. I want to see how will you stop me." She murmured to herself and a mischievous smile flashed on her gorgeous face.

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