Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
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Chapter 1 The Hot Mafia Boss

Chapter 1 The Hot Mafia Boss A man is tied up upside down in the dark room. He is screaming and howling in immense pain because two men are beating him with the hot rod mercilessly. Two muscular men in the black shirt and trouser are standing at the door with the rifle in their hands. A tall man in a black tuxedo marched into the room with a sullen expression, his eyes are smouldering with rage and his brows are knitted. He's Andrew Anderson, a rude, arrogant, aggressive, ruthless and dominating Mafia Boss, a frightening man. The whole world is under his feet. Nobody has ever dared to disobey him. Everybody is afraid of him. He is the most powerful person on this earth. He very well knows how to control people and their life. One more man stepped into the room following him. He is also dressed up in a black suit. He's Mike, Andrew's right hand. Andrew trusts nobody except him and he has earned that trust, he's like a brother to him. Mike can do anything to protect his boss, his priority is Andrew. The men who were beating the tied man, as they saw Andrew, stopped their work and stood facing him, bowing their head down obediently. Andrew opened the buttons and took off his coat, striding toward the tied up men. He was killing him with his deadly glare. He handed his coat to one of the men who were beating the tied up man. He stood in front of him and rolled up the sleeves of his black shirt. He fisted his hands before punching him hard nonstop with outrage like he was taking his anger out on him. He screamed in pain. "Tell me whom you were giving our secret information?" He asked in a stern tone and gritted his teeth. "You deceived me, and you know I hate the people who betray Andrew Anderson." He picked up the pistol from the table and pointed at the bleeding man, glaring at him in fury. "You're telling me or you want to die." The man's eyes dilated in horror. "I, I was giving information to Mr Richard." He shuttered and told him everything. Andrew frowned and directly shot him in the middle of his forehead. "This happens to the people who betray me. Either I kill them without thinking twice or make them beg to kill them by making their life living hell." He growled loudly before storming out of the room. He walked into the luxurious guest room and a girl is already waiting for him. She's wearing an exposed dress with high heels, all ready to serve the mafia boss. He comfortably sat on the sofa and the girl walked to him sexily. She knelt in front of him, he's giving her a sullen look. She slowly unbuckled the belt. He yanked her hair and bawled at her, "do your work fast and get lost from here. I don't have the whole day to see your ugly face." The girl shivered in fear and hurriedly opened his jeans button before pulling it down. First, she sucked him and then rode over him. He does sex to release his anger and stress. He stepped out of the room, closing the button of his jeans. He directly strode to his lavish bedroom, his room is also dark and mysterious like him. A maid is cleaning his room. She's his oldest maid and only she's allowed to enter his room. Her name is Marie, she's old and Andrew respected her. "Take out my clothes, I have to leave for the meeting." He ordered and she gave him a slight before strolling to his walk-in closet. He went to take a quick shower. He took off his clothes and stepped into the shower. He's standing, placing his hands on the wall, his eyes are closed. He has a hot and tempting muscular body and six-pack abs. The water cascading down his body and relaxing his muscles. He's thinking about the person whom he killed today. He's not understanding why he betrayed him, he was one of his best men. He still can't believe he was leaking their information to his rivals. He walked out of the bathroom, a white towel wrapped around his waist. His fresh black tuxedo is kept on the bed. He yanked the towel and tossed it on the sofa before wearing his suit. He only wears black clothes because there is no colour in his life. His life is colourless and filled with darkness. He wore the watch, standing in front of a huge mirror and combed his jet black hair. A hot and attractive girl in a strapless sexy black dress is sitting at the bar counter with a group of her friends. Her long hair is straight and coloured in the chocolate brown shade and falling on her back. Her eyes are big and intoxicating, she has sharp and sensuous lips, her nose is straight and her cheeks are chubby. She has been blessed with a heavenly beautiful and attractive face. She's catching everybody's attention because of her stylish and alluring personality. She's sitting holding the glass of wine in her hand. "So see you tomorrow, Chloe." Her friends left after hugging her. She felt like her heart skipped beating when suddenly her eyes fell on the hot and tempting man who is sitting in the private cabin with the few people who are well dressed up like him. He's non-other Andrew Anderson. It's his club. He has clubs and lounges all over the world. He's attending a meeting at his club. She was gawping at his attractive face and body without blinking her eyes. She is completely spelt by his sexy and perfect look. She can't stop herself from admiring him. She bit her lower lip as she saw his sensuous and sexy lips. She felt a sudden urge to feel them over her lips and kiss them hardly. "This man is so damn hot and mysterious, completely my type. I wish he notices me." She murmured to herself, observing every moment of him keenly like she is spying on him. Suddenly he moved his dark and intense eyes to her and she instantly lowered her gaze. She again looked back at him and their eyes met. She got lost in his intense and bewitching black eyes. She forgot about the whole world. "Why this girl is staring at me like this?" He wondered, raising his brows suspiciously. He doubted her. "Fuck! This man is the death of me." She murmured to herself, shaking her head and looked away. She gulped down the full glass of wine in one go. Andrew gestured one of his men to come to him. The man immediately strode to him and bent down. He asked him to take that girl to the secret room because he wanted to interrogate her. Two of his men are forcibly dragging Chloe to the secret room. "Where are you taking me, fucking idiots? I'm warning, leave me or else you both have to face the consequences." She warned them sternly. "Our boss wants to interrogate you." One of his men informed her and she frowned, not knowing who is their boss. If she had known, she would have happily gone with them because she wants an opportunity to meet him. "Fuck your boss and fuck you." She growled at them and hit their crotch with her knees. She fought with them like a ninja as like she is well trained. She blew her hair away from her face after knocking them down. They both are groaning in pain lying on the floor. "I warned you both." She evilly smiled at them, straightening her dress and long black hair. She marched from there in attitude after glancing at them for the last time. Andrew stepped into the secret room and his eyes widened in shock as he found his men lying on the floor, beaten up. "Who did this with you both and where is that girl?"He asked in anger. They both glanced at each other shamefully, they are scaring to answer their boss that they were beaten up by a girl. Their silence is making him angrier. "Are you both going to answer me or now you want me to beat you both?" He bawled at them in fury. "Tha-that girl bea-beat us, boss." One of the men shuttered in fear. "What! That girl beat you both?" He asked in shock and disbelief. "So I was right that girl is a spy, a normal girl can't fight with my well-trained men like this." He murmured to himself, warily musing on the wall.
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