Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
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Chapter 4 The Epic Interrogation

Chapter 4 The Epic Interrogation Andrew's man stepped into the torture room with a full attitude. She narrowed her brows, bemused. "Where is your Boss?" He didn't understand and strode to her. As he reached in front of her, she smirked at him and pressed the bridge of his foot with her high pencil heel. "Aaaa." The man cried out in pain and she smiled at him evilly. "Open me." She ordered him like she's his boss. "I can't, I'm here to interrogate you. Just tell me what are you hiding and I'll open you." She rolled her eyes and wondered, "Oh God! Why they are thinking that I'm hiding something? But it's good for me, I'll get more time to admire Mr Handsome. But I don't know why did he send this Idiot here." "Ask your boss to interrogate me, I'll only answer to him." She stated curtly. "First I will interrogate you, then our boss will come at last if there's a need." She opened her mouth in O. "So now I have to bear him. Oh God, did I come here to see this idiot's face?" She murmured to herself, staring at him. She straightened herself and said, "so tell me what do you want to ask, I'll say the truth." "What is your hidden motive to spy on our boss?" He asked after crossing his arms around his broad chest. "First of all, I'm not spying on him. I was just checking him out at the club because I found him hot and attractive. I love to admire him, he's so sexy and his lips. Oh fuck, his luscious lips." She bit her lower lip sexily, imagining his sensuous lips. He cleared his throat because she's making him uncomfortable. "So you mean there is no hidden motive?" He asked and she came on the earth back. "Yes, no hidden motive. I just want your boss to kiss me instead of wasting his time interrogating me. It's useless because the truth will not change. I don't know why he's doubting me. I think he secretly likes me too, therefore he's finding a reason to keep me close to him," she was blabbering nonstop. "What do you think?" She asked him by raising her brows. The man shook his head in disbelief. "Boss doesn't like girls." He answered her. "What? Is he gay?" She asked in shock and disbelief. "No, he's not gay." He answered her. She sighed with relief. "You scared me." "Let me tell you, I'm not here to answer your questions." He said in anger. "And let me tell you, you're Ghochu (Stupid). Now send your boss to interrogate me." She ordered him. Andrew was listening to their conversation and watching all this, sitting in the security room. The girl is becoming a mystery for him. His lips drew up into a devilish grin as an idea popped into his mind. He hurriedly called his man who is interrogating Chloe. As that man's phone rang up, he went to the corner of the room. "Yes, Boss." He answered the call after placing the phone on his ear. "Open her and ask her to go." Andrew ordered him. "Okay, Boss. Well, I think she's not hiding anything. She's completely an insane woman." He said, staring at her. She's trying to open her hands. He disconnected the call and strode to Chloe. "Boss asked you to go." He bent down and started opening her hands. She widened her eyes in shock. "What? Won't he interrogate me?" She asked, disappointed. Her eyes are craving to catch the glimpse of Mr handsome again. "We don't want to waste our more time on a silly girl like you." He said after untying her both hands. "I'm hiding something and I'll tell my hidden motive to him only." She said, standing up. He chuckled. "I know, you aren't hiding anything. You're just obsessed with boss." "Wow, Ghochu, finally you understood." "Now, just leave. You're making me crazy with your useless talk." He growled at her. She walked out of the secret room, disheartened. She wanted to meet Andrew again before leaving. "I'll go after seeing him for the last time. I should find him." She murmured to herself and started checking Andrew in every room of the big mansion. Andrew became more doubtful after seeing her doing this in the security room. He thought she is again trying to find something for her hidden motive. "There are so many rooms, I think it is useless to find him. I should go now." She pouted sadly and wandered toward the main door. She tried to open the door but it didn't open. "So, now will you tell the truth or die?" As she heard his deep voice, she turned around and her eyes sparkled and lips curved into a broad smile because finally, she saw him. He strode to her. "Now why are you smiling like an idiot?" He asked in a glacial tone. "Now I have to take your permission to smile even?" She sassed and he rolled his eyes annoyingly. She is testing his patience. He grasped her arms and pinned her against the wall in fury. "Now answer to my question, why were you checking all the rooms?" He roared at her and she flinched a bit but she's still gazing deep into his eyes. "It's useless to tell you the truth because you won't believe it." She rolled her eyes and answered him in anger. "What truth?" He asked in a serious tone, staring at her darkly. "I was finding you because I wanted to go after last time seeing you. But you fulfilled my wish." She grinned. "You know, you look hotter in anger." She winked at him. He just stared at her in utter disbelief. He sighed deeply before leaving her arms. For the first time, a girl is driving him crazy. Deep inside he knows she's telling the truth, but his mafia mind is doubting her again and again because she isn't behaving like an ordinary woman. "I'm warning you for the last time, if you show up near to my club, I'll shoot you without thinking anything." He moved dangerously close to her, skipping her heartbeat. "Mark my words." He warned her sternly, giving her a deadly glare. "When I feel like seeing your handsome face again, could I come here?" She asked politely, acting innocent. He fumed and clenched his fist in anger. "Just shut." He bawled at her. He entered the password and the main door of his mansion slid open. Two guards are standing outside with the rifle. He seized her wrist and pushed her out without looking at her. He closed the door by pressing the button. She pouted disappointedly when the door closed in front of her eyes. "Why this handsome is so rude?" She muttered in anger. When she caught his men staring at her, she barked at them. "I know, I'm attractive and sexy but stop staring at me like this and do your work of protecting Mr handsome." "See you soon again, Mr Handsome." She went from there after blowing her hair out of her face.

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