Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 8

  Glen glanced at her stomach blankly, picked up the coat hanging on the side and left here.   Lea looked at her back and whispered while touching her stomach, "Baby, are you hungry? Mommy will eat right now. Wait a minute."   As soon as she finished breakfast, her home phone rang.   "Hey."   "It's Yesha. I was with Glen yesterday. I want to meet you."   Lea clasped her fingers on the phone and said, "I don't want to see you."   The one on the other end seemed to have expected her to say this even before and was not surprised. She just chuckled.   "Don't you want to know about Yanny?"   "I don't care who you are, but Yanny died three years ago."   "Oh? Then, don't you think I look exactly like Yanny?"   "What are you trying to say?"   "It's nothing. I just want to tell you something. I'm waiting for you in Starbucks Pavilion in the south of the city."   After speaking, she hung up the phone on the other end. Lea looked at the phone in her hand and gritted her teeth.   An hour later, Lea arrived at the place the woman said. She looked at the sign. When she was about to enter, suddenly a van suddenly stopped in front of her.   Before she could react, several men who got out of the car covered her nose and mouth and dragged them into the car.   Lea just struggled twice before losing consciousness. Because of the sparse flow of people there, the movement of those people was fast, and the place was filled with cars, so no one noticed the situation there.   The silver-white van drove along the asphalt road.   ...   When Lea woke up, she found that she was locked in a small house next to the woman who was also sitting there.   She moved, only to find that her hands and feet were tied, and the woman next to her slowly opened her eyes.   That face who looks exactly like Yanny made Lea in a trance. Her thoughts seemed to have returned to the day three years ago.   However, that woman died long ago and I saw her dying in front of me with my own eyes!   Lea stared at this woman, "Who are you?"   Even though she was kidnapped, the woman didn't seem to be scared at all at that time, she twitched her lips.   "Do you think I look a lot like her? That's because I am her twin sister."   "Impossible, doesn't the Brown family have only one daughter?"   Hearing her questioning, Yesha sneered and the expression on her face almost distorted.   "One? Haha. When Yanny and I were born, the old lady of the Brown family listened to the fortune teller and said that our birth is unknown and we must send one away.   Later, to be on the safe side, the old lady decided to send me away, who was born a few minutes late. It took twenty-three years before I could come back! "   Seeing Lea's shocked expression, Yesha smiled cruelly.   "If it weren't for her death, I would have to live in her shadows for the rest of my life, without a father or mother and in a foreign country. Who knows I would come here after so many years?"   Seeing Lea's silence, Yesha suddenly changed the subject, "But, seeing where we are now, do you feel something familiar?"   Before, Lea was kidnapped like this, except that the person next to her that time was Yanny.   She moved her wrists hard, trying to find a gap, but the rope was fastened too tight.   "Don't waste your effort.", Yesha glanced at her.   Then, she suddenly approached her and whispered, "Who will save you here?"   Lea's heart shook suddenly. As soon as she looked up, she saw Yesha's almost crazy look in front of her. Suppressing the anxiety in her heart, she said coldly, "We will all be saved."   Yesha's threw a sarcastic sneer, not knowing whether she would laugh at her innocence or at such a coincidental fate.   The temperature in the house was very low and there was only a dilapidated and dirty blanket. Lea didn't know how long she had been there and she was tied to the cold ground.   She didn't feel it at first, but now that it's quiet and could feel that her lower abdomen is falling a little.

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