Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 9

  She felt a little nervous and couldn't move that much. She moved a little bit to the side of the ragged blanket and then placed it under her body.   Baby, you must be strong. Dad... will come to save us soon.   ...   At this time, Glen was holding the phone with a gloomy expression and his eyes were cold as if he was about to freeze people to death.   "President Anderson, if you want to save the two girls, give us two billion?"   Glen laughed, "You're trying to take advantage of me huh. Ten million for the two of them. Take it or leave it."   The kidnappers at the other end didn't seem to expect that Glen would refuse that easy and he was still there for a while.   "Ten million is a big amount. If you don't agree with my offer, I'll hang the phone up."   When the kidnapper heard that he was anxious, he thought that it was better to have something than nothing, so he quickly agreed.   "Ten million is ten million. I will s

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