Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 7

  "Glen, don't forget that we're married. Your wife is me, Lea Anderson.   Whether that woman is Yanny or not, as long as you're married to me, you can't be with her. You will die with that heart! ", Lea yelled at him unwillingly although her eyes were extremely bleak.   The man looked at her for a few seconds before he sneered and said, "It's not for you to say that. Since you don't know where you are, then I'll say it again and listen carefully.   Lea, I married you back then just because I wanted to avenge Yanny. Every time I see your painful look, I feel very happy in my heart. "   Seeing a dark gray in her eyes, Glen's heart seemed to have been pricked by a needle. It didn't hurt, but he shrank suddenly.   He let go of the hand holding her chin and watched her fall weakly on the sofa. His eyes were cold.   "Glen, in the past three years, haven't you felt anything for me? Even a little?", Lea asked the same question again but still did not wait for him to answer. A glimmer of light flashed in her gray eyes.   Lea looked at the man expectantly with a trace of luck in her heart.   Glen looked at the woman in front of him and was silent for a while before speaking without emotion.   "No, Lea. For the past three years, I have only hated you and never love you."   Hearing the cruel words of the man, Lea seemed to have taken all her strength away. Her eyes were blank and she was dumbfounded.   Seeing her as if she didn't have a soul, Glen's heart seemed to be covered by someone's hands and he was breathless.   He would rather do tit-for-tat as he did at the beginning than how he is now; no trace of vitality.   "Glen, you are a heartless person. It turns out that I was wrong..."   What's wrong?   Is it wrong to fall in love with him and know that he has no feelings for her? Is it wrong to marry him arbitrarily because she loves him to this day so much that she can't help herself?   Glen didn't speak. Lea laughed at herself as if she's thinking of something.   "No, you are not heartless. You have given your heart to others a long time ago. Glen, is falling in love with you a luck or burden?"   If Lea could look up at the man standing in front of her, she would find that the coldness of the man’s eyes had long faded and there was an unprecedented confusion inside.   Who could have imagined that the young master of the Anderson family in Bonville would have such an expression at this time?   "Glen", called Lea as her hands gently stroked her lower abdomen. Her eyes were filled with warmth instead of the sorrow.   "This kid, whether you want it or not, I will keep him."   Following her gaze, Glen could even see Lea's flat lower abdomen protruding slightly.   His brows furrowed very tightly and said impatiently: "Do whatever you want." Then he went upstairs.   Lea suppressed the tears in her eyes and smiled with red eyes.   It doesn't matter baby. Mom will always love you.   ...   The next morning, when Lea came downstairs, she saw Glen sitting at the dining table. She's used to waking up not seeing him in the morning.   Glen didn't even give her a damn if he didn't know that she had gone downstairs.   Neither of them mentioned anything about yesterday. Lea just walked up to him when suddenly her calf weakened and her whole body seemed to fall forward.   The corners of his eyes were as sharp the corners of the table, but Lea held him tightly with her hands. " My belly", she suddenly mentioned it in her heart.   The pain she's feeling is something that she never expected nor imagined. She could smell the scent of Glen's body. Lea's heartbeat "banged" like a young girl who had just been pregnant.   Glen's face was cold and his eyes seemed to be very impatient.   "If you don't want this child, go directly to the hospital to get rid of it so there will be less trouble."   Hearing these words, Lea's heart that's beating violently suddenly froze. She hurriedly withdrew from the man's arms, shaking her head in panic in her eyes.   "No, no, I'm not going."

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