Love Over HateLove Over Hate
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Chapter 6

  After a few days, Lea had already thought about it clearly. No matter what, this child is a treasure given to her from heaven and she will protect this child no matter what it takes.   The doctor looked at the examination report in his hand solemnly and Lea's heart also lifted up.   "Doctor, is my child's condition good?"   "Yes."   She breathed a sigh of relief. It was okay as long as there isn't any problem with the child.   "Mrs. Anderson, do you think it is convenient for your family to come?"   Lea frowned in confusion and asked, "What's the matter? Just tell me what you want."   The doctor looked embarrassed and finally decided to speak out.   "You have to be mentally prepared. Although your child is fine, your examination report shows that your white blood cells are abnormal. You...have blood cancer."   Seeing that Lea still looked confused, the doctor couldn't bear to continue speaking.   "In our colloquial terms, it's Leukemia."   ...   Holding the test sheet, Lea walked aimlessly on the road almost as if her soul had been taken away.   Different from the previous one, she used to have more expectations for a new life in her heart. But this time, it was...   When the corner of her eyes swept over the diagnostic report on the laboratory test sheet, she seemed to be stung and she shook all over and almost impatiently stuffed it in the trash cans by the roadside.   After throwing it away, she breathed a sigh of relief as if she had gotten rid of something scary.   A familiar figure swept across the corner of her eyes. Her breathing choked while looking at a man and a woman not far away. She took two steps back in disbelief while staring at them stubbornly.   As if feeling her presence, the man narrowed his eyes and looked over.   Looking at the man's cold eyes, Lea didn't know where his courage came from and slowly walked towards them step by step.   "Why are you here?"   The man frowned deeply, seemingly unhappy when she came.   Lea didn't seem to hear him and stared blankly at the woman holding the man's arm with a smile on her face.   The woman is not afraid. Her body is almost leaning on the man.   "Glen, who is she?"   "She was..."   A trace of ridicule crossed the corner of Glen's mouth and he said, "It's just a passerby."   The woman gave an inexplicable "Oh", and then looked at the man with a cheerful smile on her face.   "Let's go and eat."   Glen's eyes softened a lot when he saw her. The expression on his face was a gentleness that Lea had never seen before.   Eyes were stung by the scene in front of her, Lea suddenly stepped forward like crazy and grabbed the woman's forearm, gritted her teeth and said, "I don't care if you are a human or a ghost, but I'm telling you now, I am Glen's wife.   You can never have him unless I die! "   The woman turned pale because of her words, and tears quickly appeared in her eyes exactly the same as Yanny. She looked at the man next to her pitifully.   "Glen... Is everything she said true?"   Glen's gaze was not on her. In fact, since Lea first appeared, his gaze hadn't left her.   However, neither of them noticed this.   Looking at Lea's red eyes, the familiar feeling of irritability came to his mind again.   Glen squeezed her wrist and forcibly released her hand from Yesha's forearm.   The tingling pain from the wrist made Lea's heart suddenly shrink. Her eyes were red as she looked at the man hoarsely.   "You like her that much? Glen, haven't you had any affection for me for three years?"   Glen had a solemn face and did not answer her words. He just turned his head slightly and looked at Yesha apologetically.   "I'm sorry, Yesha. I can't have dinner with you today. Let's have it on another day."   After that, regardless of Yesha's reluctance, she dragged Lea's wrist and returned to her residence.   "Let me go. Let me go..."   Lea shouted while struggling, but the man turned a deaf ear.   It wasn't until he got to the residence that the man shook her wrist away then pinched her chin while looking at her coldly.   "Lea, you really value yourself too much. You don't have the right to know or care about my affairs."

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