Love Over HateLove Over Hate
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Chapter 5

  At this time, Glen drove the supercar fast on the road and his cold side face looked particularly sharp in the dark night.   After three years of marriage, he and Lea have never worn a condom. Every time he sees the woman crying under him, he will feel an unspeakable irritability in his heart.   And when Lea groaned softly under him, his heart was extremely excited even his movements became rough and violent.   It's not that he hasn't thought about having a child. Even if Lea takes pills every time, there would always be something in case.   But this idea has always been deeply buried in his heart and he has never thought about it deeply.   Today, when he heard she was pregnant, his mind was blank and he subconsciously said something like that.   As he was thinking, a figure suddenly flashed in front of him and Glen suddenly returned to his senses, slammed the steering wheel with both hands and suddenly stopped the brakes.   "Squeak--"   The sound of car tires rubbing against the ground is particularly harsh in the middle of the night.   Glen frowned, unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car.   A figure fell down in front of the car, and he stepped forward to look at the woman with her head down.   "Are you OK?"   "My calf was hit."   The woman raised her head, and a familiar face instantly made Glen cold all over his body.   In the dark night, the exact same facial features and familiar expressions caused a layer of cold sweat on his back and when the cold wind blew through, it brought a little bit of coolness.   Seeing the man not speaking, the woman who fell to the ground seemed to blink with some confusion.   "Mr?"   After a long time, Glen asked ardently, "Yanny?"   "Do you know my sister?"   "Sister?"   "Yup.", the woman nodded and looked at the man and then dropped her eyes dimly.   "But she died three years ago."   Seeing their nearly identical faces, Glen's hands hanging beside him slightly clenched, and the fragments from three years ago flashed in his mind.   "You are...?"   "I am her younger sister, Yesha. I have lived abroad since I was a child. By the way, since you know my sister, who are you?"   As soon as Glen was about to speak, Yesha couldn't help but "hiss". It turned out that the area where she was hit just now is bleeding.   The man condensed his eyebrows, took off his jacket and wrapped it around her calf and then hugged her into the car.   Seeing her pale look, Glen frowned.   "I'll take you to the hospital now. Please bear with me."   Yesha nodded her head obediently then looked at the man's face and asked.   "I don't know what your name is yet."   Glen was silent for two seconds and the corners of his mouth were pursed. After a long time, he said in a low voice," Glen Anderson. I'm your sister's...friend."   ...   Since Glen left that night, he has never returned. It has been three full days. This has never happened before.   Although he hates her, he will come back no matter how late every day or even in the wee hours of the morning.   Lea wanted to call him, but he didn't have his mobile phone number, so he went to the study room to find it.   "Hello, this is Tom Williams."   Listening to the voice from the other ling, Lea squeezed the phone tightly. She only saw the phone number of the desk assistant in the study room, so she dialed it.   "I'm Lea Anderson, is Glen in the office?"   Tom was surprised when he heard this call. As an assistant to the president, he knew that Glen had a wife named Lea Anderson.   But in the past three years, he had never seen how she looks like but he still took her call.   "President Anderson... is in the office, what can I do for you?"   Hearing what he said, Lea felt relieved. Although she knew that there was nothing wrong with him, she was still worried in her heart.   "It's okay. Thank you. I'll hang it up."   Tom sighed slightly when he heard the "beep" from the other end.   White lies are sometimes needed.   After hanging up the phone, Lea simply cleaned up.   Today is the day of her prenatal checkup. She carefully wrapped a thick dress on her. Although the weather is not too cold now, she is still afraid of hurting the child.   Even if Glen doesn't want this child, she wants it.

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