Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 21

  Glen didn't know what was going on at the time. Because he wants to get revenge on Lea, he insisted on marrying her despite the strong opposition of the Anderson and Brown family.   He kept telling himself that he just wanted to retaliate against her, but this idea has become increasingly blurred in the past three years.   It wasn't until today that he suddenly realized it.   Maybe, he was wrong in the beginning.   Seeing that Glen didn't speak, Yesha thought she couldn't bear it anymore, and quickly looked at the man with tears in her eyes.   "It's cold and my hand hurts so much."   Glen was silent for a long time, and his black eyes stared at a place for a long time which made Yesha frowned for a long time.   Just when she thought he could not speak, the man suddenly spoke, "Back then, how did Yanny die? How were they kidnapped that day?"   Yesha's heart jumped when she heard him ask, but she still smiled strongly and replied,

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