Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 20

  No one will pour a cup of tea for him when he is drunk and no one will turn on a small light for him when he comes home late at night.   It's gone. It's all gone...   "Lea... Lea..."   In the darkness, a line of tears ran down his cheeks.   He somehow suddenly remembered what Lea said to him before boarding the plane.   She said, "From now on, let's part ways."   But, without you, how can I continue to live?   Lea, you stealing thief! Why did you leave when I finally realized that I am in love with you?   God has never treated you favorably, but how come he was too good to me?   Wait, he will not let go of those who have hurt her.   The night was very deep and dark. The room was quiet and only his own breathing can only be heard   "Glen, I beg you, let us go."   Yesha's hands were tied. Her face was full of tears, and she looked at the man sitting on top of her pitifully.   Today, when she hear

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