Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 22

  Since knowing that Lea had an accident, Glen had been a little abnormal. Although others could not see it, it's clear.   Glen is a kind of person who's extremely depressed and has the tendency to lose self-control.   Tom thought that if Glen couldn't get back to normal, maybe his next duty was to find a cemetery for him.   No, he doesn't even need to look for the cemetery. He'd just bury him next to his wife when he dies.   Although he also thought Yesha was a little crazy. She was not totally crazy, but she was sent to a mental hospital. She's the only daughter in the Brown family's generation. No matter what she had done, she had to admit it.   Of course, what he worries most is that it is not the problem of Yesha being sent to the mental hospital. He even thinks that Glen should be admitted to the hospital.   So, when he heard his order, Tom reluctantly said, "I think Miss Brown is not crazy."   "No, she is crazy."   Seeing t

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