TGLES  Black & Red

TGLES Black & Red

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Updated up to Chapter 40
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Xander Redent is the son of Jordan Redent a.k.a the owner of the York Company which makes him very very rich. Not only rich but he was blessed with a brilliant brain and charming face. Of course with that package of perfectness, he's a playboy. Athena Lemiere is the daughter of Matthew Lemiere. Just like her dad, she's cold, tough and a rock head but she has her clumsiness from her mom which makes her very attractive. Her dream is to be a mechanic, she loves dealing with cars since she was a little kid. She can spend time in the garage for hours to learn about it. Xander and Athena met when they were a child since their parents are business partners. Xander's family move to New York from England when Xander was 17 so they both ended up in the same school since then. The attraction between them was undeniable. They hooked up once and after that the two of them rejected each other. Ever since then, they hate each other so much until they can't even be in one room until one day.. one big announcement change everything.

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