The Prince Regent's Violent Medical Consort
The Prince Regent's Violent Medical Consort

The Prince Regent's Violent Medical Consort

By: NovelRead
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The soul of a military doctor in the Secret Service enters the body of the daughter of the Prime Minister's first wife, persecuted by her father and his concubine, married off to the Prince Regent. Tormented by all sorts of traps and countless set-ups, she uses her medical skills to skilfully manoeuvre through the struggles in the mansion and the political intrigue of the inner court. From killing the Crown Prince, saving the Prince of Liang to curing plagues, she sheds her skin as a flinching little maiden and evolves into a strong lady, capable of standing by his side."If you sneak off again, I will cut off your short little legs. What Princess Consort would run about wildly with a child in her belly?""Jiangdong is infested with a plague. Naturally, as a government physician, I have to go. If you stop me, the epidemic will make its way to the capital." The Prince Regent scooped the long-winded woman into his strong arms and carried her back home. Hmph, there are plenty of government physicians. Why would they need a pregnant woman like you tagging along? Have you confused yourself with the Buddha? Don't you remember how vicious your methods were that year?