Chapter 922 Die, Murderer!

Bianca quickly blocked Maxine's hand and said seriously, "We're in the police station now. Are you sure you want to slap her and get the lawyer to bail you out again?" Maxine took her hand back in anger, and her eyes were wide open in anger. "Don't be so smug, Bianca Rayne. All you have is Luke helping you, but you keep on courting trouble for him. Sooner or later, Luke will tire of you, and your good life will come to an end!" Bianca remained calm despite the instigation. She knew very well what Luke thought of her. It did not matter what other people said. Her clear eyes remained cold as she replied impassively, "I'll enjoy my good life for now, then. Also, Ms. Douglas, you're not that close with my husband, and it's more appropriate that you address him as 'Mr. Crawford.'" Sue could not help but smile. Bianca seemed gentle and pliant, but she had a sharp tongue. Seeing that Maxine's face had already turned beet-red, Sue added, "Some shameless women covet other women's hu

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