Chapter 921 Luke Should Have a Way

Bianca went into the police station from the side entrance and met Sue. "Are you okay, Bianca?" Sue looked at her worriedly. Bianca shook her head and took off her mask. "I'm fine. There were no reporters at the side entrance. Where should I sign?" "Over here…" Sue paused for a while. "But I think you'll need to read the case report carefully." Bianca sat on a chair, and a police officer handed her the case report. "If there are no problems, please affix your signature on the last page of the report." "Mm." She took the report, read it, and understood why Sue said that. The security guard of the building had retracted his previous statement. He said that the person who had instructed him was not Maxine but rather Moxine, a woman with a similar name. The woman named Moxine had turned herself in. She was the general manager of Central Construction LLC, and she had bribed the security guard to install the virus because Bianca's company had snatched her clients. Everything

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